Administrative Justice Research Reports

New Research Report on Judicial Review (April 2021)

Full Report

Executive Summary

Bangor Law School’s response to the Independent Review of Administrative Law 2020  (PDF)

Public Administration and a Just Wales - New Report 2020 

Public Administration and a Just Wales (Full report) 

Public Administration and a Just Wales (Summary Report and Recommendations) 

Administrative Justice in Social Housing and Homelessness – New Reports 2020

Public Administration and Justice in Wales: Social Housing and Homelessness (Summary Report and Recommendations)

Gweinyddiaeth Gyhoeddus a Chyfiawnder yng Nghymru: Tai Cymdeithasol a Digartrefedd (Adroddiad Cryno ac Argymhellion)

Public Administration and Justice in Wales: Social Housing and Homelessness (Full Report)

Administrative Justice: Wales’ First Devolved Justice System (2018 Report)

The aim of this Report is to update research into administrative justice in Wales, examining progress made towards achieving previous recommendations, and proposing further recommendations. The Report draws on various sources, alongside presentations and discussions during a Workshop, Public Law and Administrative Justice in Wales, held at the National Assembly on 17 September 2018.

Full report

Understanding Administrative Justice in Wales (2015)

Bangor University has published a major research Report, Understanding Administrative Justice in Wales. The Report is the culmination of a research project commissioned from Bangor Law School in December 2014 by the Committee for Administrative Justice and Tribunals Wales (CAJTW), successor to the AJTC Welsh Committee. The research included a stakeholder analysis, literature review and a series of workshops and conferences for the policy, practice and research communities.

The research was commissioned in support of the CAJTW’s two key objectives: to create a community of interest in tribunal reform and administrative justice issues in Wales which can be supported over the long term; and to provide advice, guidance and commentary that will continue to promote the development of the administrative justice system in Wales.